How a day spa increased bookings by 17% with a better user experience

Ibah spa Austinmer is a popular luxury spa tucked in the cliffs of the Illawarra Coast. It’s an extremely busy spa, and management felt they needed to reduce time spent on the phone so they could focus more on attending to customers’ in the spa.


According to customer feedback, many called the spa because the website was difficult to use and online bookings were tedious. The request was to improve the website to reduce time needed on the phone.

Also, with over 40 services on offer, the booking form was very long and overwhelming. Many users would simply give up.


The website was redesigned and user-tested for the booking process. Content was tidied up and re-organised to create a cleaner, clearer experience.

A Book Now button was added to each spa service so users could instantly go to the booking form. The convenient buttons encouraged more users to take action.

The booking form was made less daunting by hiding fields until they are relevant. For example: when selecting Massage, the massage options appear; select Facial and the facial choices appear; and so on.



Minutes saved on the phone each day

More bookings through the online form each month

Conducting user-testing throughout the design process took away a lot of the guesswork. It helped us to discover pain points and solutions that otherwise would have been missed.

The updates proved the site to be easier to navigate around and read.

As a result, people were more engaged on the site, managing to self-serve, and taking advantage of a more streamlined booking process.

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