We are excited to announce that Mango is now trading as Think Internet.

We feel as we’ve grown and evolved, the name Think Internet better represents our current service offerings:

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation – website monitoring, testing and improvements to increase lead conversions.
  • Content Marketing – planning, scheduling and optimisation for greater online visibility.
  • Marketing Automation – setting up software-based systems so that client marketing is more effective and therefore producing greater returns on investment.

We believe we continue to provide a reliable creative service, complemented with informed marketing decisions based on real-life data.

Since commencement in 1993 as a corporate design studio, Mango Design Group has evolved with the world’s marketing trends, while always focusing on getting results for our clients. In 1997, we took the first step towards online marketing by designing awarded websites, and never looked back.

While online competition grows fiercer every day, and the techniques for staying in the race are continually shifting, the underlying need to appeal to the market never changes.

Our name may be changing, but our mission to help businesses bring in more business is not.

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