The first thing your potential audience sees is your headline. The overall quality of your headlines will directly affect your success, so a powerful headline is a key to success.

Sadly, too many people spend a lot of time on their content, yet too little time brainstorming, researching or testing their headlines. It can mean wasting hours of your time on brilliant content, just to have it totally overlooked.

The headline needs to catch people’s interest and pull them in.

Poor headlines mean you are missing out on:

  • More traffic from Google
  • More click-throughs from your paid advertising or social media networks
  • More opens and click-throughs with your email marketing
  • More people reading your content, beyond your headline, therefore more sharing, more exposure and ultimately, more business and success.

Even if you are already hitting it with your headlines, I believe you will get a lot out of this infographic by QuickSprout‘s Neil Patel.

The Formula For a Perfect Headline

If you really want to get the greatest results from your content, spend as much time crafting the headline as you do writing the post.

Share below any headline tips you would like to add.

Carolyn Wilson

Growth Partner at Think Internet
Carolyn loves to help B2B companies who want to grow but have been frustrated with the lack of business flowing to them. She has helped these businesses achieve their goals through growth-driven web design and online marketing.
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