A company’s website is a crucial part of the sales process. B2B lead conversion is often neglected and underestimated, especially with companies that rely on word of mouth referrals.

In fact, they are missing out on a lot of opportunities:

of referrals rule out a firm before speaking to them

of potential buyers check you out on social media

*Source: Hinge Marketing

Here are a few examples of B2B companies reaching great results by improving the lead conversion process on their websites:

Lynden Inc : Transportation and Logistics


Lynden, Inc.  serves diverse industries around the world, including oil and gas, mining, construction, retail and manufacturing.


The company was using outbound tactics such as print advertisements in newspapers and magazines, but weren’t generating leads that were qualified enough for purchase.


Lynden now mostly depends on Landing Pages and conversion forms. In addition, Lynden tracks and reports all lead data, and know how their leads found them and where they’re located.


  • 412% increase in quote requests generated online
  • 93% increase in inquiries to the Lynden Call Center
  • 270% increase in total quote requests

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Global Plastic Sheeting : Manufacturers

Global Plastic Sheeting

Global Plastic Sheeting had hired a web designer to build their site, but had no way of effectively driving traffic to it. They were struggling to keep up with the awareness and recognition of their more-established competitors.


They needed to boost their search engine ranking, increase website traffic, and convert a substantial percentage of that traffic into happy customers.


A Content Management tool for their website allowed them to easily build numerous pages that helped to show off their product lines and increase the volume of content. Then they followed a keyword strategy that helped them gain Page One rankings on Google for 137 of their keywords.

Global Plastic Sheeting customised their email marketing campaigns to better address the specific needs of prospective customers visiting their website—and convert more of those leads into happy customers.


Results after 2 years using Hubspot:

  • 100% increase in sales
  • 92% increase in leads
  • 86% increase in traffic

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Bell Performance : Manufacturers

Bell Performance

Bell Performance is a manufacturer of fuel additives and treatments for consumers and businesses. Bell Performance traces its history back to 1909 when Robert J. Bell, a prolific inventor and innovator with over seventy patents to his name, formulated the first fuel additive in history – a treatment to clean and restore the engine performance of the newly minted Model T automobile.


Bell Performance didn’t have a website they were able to edit at their own convenience, and weren’t able to gather any leads online. They were also missing out on an opportunity to gather information on buyer behavior that could lead to offline sales. Obviously Bell wanted to increase their sales.


They contracted a new web design that they were able to manage. They could now tell which pages are actually working to convert customers, through analytics and reports.

Bell Performance proceeded with a specific goal: identified their target audience and built a keyword strategy so they could connect with the audience through their content. Their search traffic increased 700% in just one year.

Promoting offers through email marketing, they would direct prospects to Landing Pages which were optimised to convert 1400% more leads per month than two years earlier.


  • 600 new online customers gained in first year
  • 80% increase in customers in second year
  • 1400% leads per month increased in 2 years

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MaxSea International : Marine Navigation Software


MaxSea International, worldwide developer and distributor of software for maritime markets, was founded in 1985 along with the sister company MapMedia, specialised in electronic charting.


MaxSea International’s marketing had gone stale. They needed a way to refresh their marketing strategy and implement a system to better measure whether or not they were successful.


  • Reorganise marketing and communication strategies.
  • Established SMART marketing goals for MaxSea International.
  • Create a publishing schedule for social media channels and company blog for greater efficiency.
  • Create landing pages which allowed them to connect the dots between content created and the point of converting website visitors into leads.
  • Segment their email database with targeted lists, to send personalised marketing communications to their various audiences to increase conversion rates.


  • 144% increase in traffic
  • 9.2% direct traffic lead to customer conversion rate
  • 11.5% organic traffic lead to customer conversion rate

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SalesITV : Online Sales Training


SalesITV is the world’s leading online sales training company. Utilising the best in technology, SalesITV delivers their sales and customer service training videos anywhere, anytime and on almost any device.


The marketing team was using Marketo for lead generation, nurturing, and scoring but found the system difficult to use and they ended up doing these tasks manually.

In addition, they had a long sales cycle where the sales team spent a lot of time researching, qualifying prospects, booking appointments and closing deals during face-to-face meetings.


They moved to the Hubspot platform and developed a custom inbound marketing strategy to achieve their primary goals:

  • Drive more sales for the business
  • Increase monthly website visitors
  • Hand high quality, marketing qualified leads to the sales team
  • Develop personas and apply to a new content strategy consisting of marketing campaigns and blog articles.
  • Manage multiple social media accounts within HubSpot, then measure results for maximum result.

By having all of these tools in one place, save countless hours executing their marketing plan.


  • 10X increase in traffic within first six months
  • 30% increase in leads within first six months
  • $80K revenue from inbound leads within first six months

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Yoh : Staffing and Recruiting


Yoh covers the diverse talent and workforce management needs of its clients by offering services including technology staffing, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), managed services (MSP), statement of work (SOW) management, independent contractor compliance and payroll management.


After the economic downturn in 2008, Yoh’s marketing budget took a big cut. They decided to look for a way to accelerate their online marketing activities.

Before implementing HubSpot, Yoh used traditional marketing methods.  They knew they were missing out on opportunities to grow their brand and their business.


Yoh chose HubSpot to be more efficient after budget cuts

  • Yoh’s first goals while implementing HubSpot  was to get the right potential buyers to find and engage with them
  • HubSpot’s Keywords tool helped them realise that they weren’t optimising for the right keywords to get found by potential buyers
  • Landing Pages to capture people’s contact information and turn their website into a true lead generation tool
  • Create email campaigns and keep a sustained lead nurturing initiative going.”


  • 29% increase in monthly website visitors in 6 months
  • 122% increase in monthly website visitors in 2 years
  • $50M revenue from new inbound customers in past 18 months

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B2B Lead Conversion – making changes for the better

These companies realised that they needed to make changes. They invested in smart improvements and experienced a massive return on investment.

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Carolyn Wilson

Growth Partner at Think Internet
Carolyn loves to help B2B companies who want to grow but have been frustrated with the lack of business flowing to them. She has helped these businesses achieve their goals through growth-driven web design and online marketing.
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